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Dismantle the Disfunctional: Tasks for Post-Industrial Restoration


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Biotech Forum Report

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Ban Automobile Advertising

Reborn Carless

Family Gathering: 120,000 March in San Francisco

Kerry Richardson

Deepwater Horizon:
Gulf of Mexico Offshore Oil Drilling Catastrophe

Pollution, blowouts, leaks, oil spills, toxic chemicals, damage to environmental habitat, endangered species, climate disruption? Shut down offshore oil drilling. When will people stop driving, consuming oil and polluting? We need car-free cities, bicycle cities, eco-cities, local organic farms, rooftop gardens, backyard gardens, local agriculture jobs.

Shut down oil drilling rigs and nuclear power plants. The probability and costs of failures are too great, and the actual failures too ruinous. From extraction devastation to global pollution and catastrophic climate disruption, the local, regional and global health costs are ruinous. End the era of pathologically dysfunctional infrastructure.

Impose ban on offshore drilling. Shut down catastrophe-potential oil rigs. Investigate Ken Salazar and MMS. Oil drilling is not safe anywhere, anytime. Stop drilling projects in Alaska. Revoke oil drilling permits.

BP (British Petroleum), Transocean and Halliburton not the only mega-polluters destroying habitats for countless individuals of countless species. Much of the industrial activities of the automobile, oil, gas, nuclear, coal, mining, logging, and agribusiness corporations are ruinous to the ecosystems of the Earth. Who wants to eat the poisoned seafood?

The ruinous effects of the oil industry are evident not only in the Gulf of Mexico BP toxic oil gusher of pollution and toxic chemical dispersants and toxic smoke from controlled burnoffs. The ruinous effects are also evident in the brain-dead populations numbering in the millions of automobile addicts, robotic consumers of stupid products and activities.

Corporate 'social-media' damages human culture and history by removing personal stories from the public space.

Facebook will disable a user's account if the user posts too much. Many postings might create an annoyance for some, but there are urgent environmental and social crises happening and the public needs to be made aware of the very dangerous negligence and ruinous exploitation and pollution caused by mining, logging and other industrial activities related to consumerism. By disabling one's account, the entire history of all types of personal and public communications, postings and e-mails are removed from the pages and mailboxes of friends, relatives and public groups and organizations, effectively destroying history and webs of social communications. It's a form of corporate technology-enhanced censorship, a destruction of the social fabric and networks of friends and ideas, a destruction of opinions and the free exchange of vital information. Dependence on one corporate system such as Facebook or MySpace or a single news service is very risky, and similarly dependence on any corporate systems, such as computers, cell phones, telephones, automobiles is fraught with ruinous losses due to designed-in defects or planned obsolescence or corporate-controlled paradigms of social activity.

It is next to impossible to find one's old postings on the walls of other Facebook users or groups, and their search mechanism doesn't offer any help. Could this be one of the devious mechanisms of Facebook history 'erasure'?

The lack of education on important environmental issues and social issues in various parts of the country means that huge segments suffer from corporate oppression of and influence on lifestyles.

Heighten your enlightenment, and advance your chances of living a healthy life. Be aware of exploitative corporations or meaningless activities.

Don't be manipulated by consumerism and people and organizations trying to sell you more stuff or activities.

Dismantle risky projects. Avoid human caused catastrophe. Reduce your karmic debt. Seek and disengage the gross and subtle corporate influences. Disengage exploitation. Reduce misunderstanding and ignorance.

Dismantle and ban pollution and exploitation-based activities. End the loopholes that allow remote and future environmental damages.

Exploitative war making and looting is a crime.

Invoke a reconfiguration of priorities and activies to benefit interspecies harmony -- a full spectrum balance. Disengage destructive anthropocentric activities.

Disengage bloated-ego polluters.

Follow the old ways. Listen to the harmony. Each thing makes its own melody. How can we sing together and make beauty? Sometimes the harmony appears as noise, sometimes as clear tones ringing across a pond.

Industrial society is a mega-disaster. Go organic handmade.

Giant oil-choked pelican puppets make a worldwide appearance at freeway overpasses and busy intersections. Traffic slows and stops, drivers having come to their senses about the global implications of oil usage. Automobiles collect dust lying unused. The air clears and people and countless individuals of other species breath happily again. All beings cherish the beauty of healthy environments.

Lurching through vapidity -- who are these participants in the activities of polluting or exploiting?

Moving the monkey body across the urban terrain is a disfunctional process designed and deployed by industrial special interests.

Over-industrialization leads to an imbalance of priorities and value systems. People then become obsessed with paying the bills and jobs instead of more primary essentials such as producing food, shelter and health. Jobs are tricks of the industrialist system that make one feel 'secure' when it is actually manipulation of people's labor and activities through complex economic exploitation. Gangster corporate media special interests continue the scam through incessant brainwashing, channeling people's priorities into consumerism.

Pseudo-public interest television programs such as PBS News Hour are largely supportive of the gangster oil and other industrial and financial corporations. The arguments presented by the American Petroleum Institute representative are ridiculous diversions from the big picture of the vastly ruinous catastrophic effects on the wildlife and people of the region. PBS is controlled by gangster capitalist scum and for the manipulation of their audiences.

Observe the incessant automobile/jobs/real estate/sports advertising and news topics in corporate media newspapers and web sites. The industrialist/consumerist special interests use the media to perpetuate the ruinous paradigm of automobile/oil based society.

Health is an integration with your inner self body systems and the outer ecosystems that provide your food, your community, and ecosystem essentials such as clean water, clean air and oxygen.

Don't become a robot puppet of your gadgets, roads, walls, floors, shelves, cars, houses, jobs, governments or religions.

Help others see the defects in following those with defects. Mass producing defective objects or behaviors will lead to collapse and calamity.

Smalltalk is the junk mail of conversation.   

Don't be a puppet of your emotions, and those that seek to manipulate you through emotional tricks.

The guilty try to draw in others to dilute their own accountability.

Gangster criminal oil looters in military clothing kill and maim millions of people and other creatures, to sustain their wretched zombie automobile pollution habits. These gangster criminals come from the U.S., Britain, and other places, and steal oil in Iraq, Afghanistan, the U.S., the oceans. Governments, religions and corporations insidiously work together to brainwash their consituents to follow their wretched and ruinous pyramid ponzi schemes.

All your stupid carwashes, SUVs, sports cars, family vans, minivans and motorcycles will not clean up the ruined ecosystems caused by oil, automobile, asphalt and construction industry wrecklessness, carelessness, and destruction. All your coffee drinking, movie going, cellphone conversations, Facebook postings, photographs, children's stories, television shows and restaurant meals will not bring back the lives and health of countless pelicans, dolphins, whales, crabs, seagulls, fish and countless individuals of countless other species.

Puppets of the ego manipulation industry, free yourselves. Automobile air and noise pollution, day after day after day. Dashboard hypnosis. Gasoline psychosis. Asphalt suffocation. Concrete suffocation. Gasoline is the drug. Drivers are addicted. Who are the dealers? Puppets of the oil / auto / asphalt / insurance / military / construction industries, free yourselves.

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