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Biotech Forum Report

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Reborn Carless

Family Gathering: 120,000 March in San Francisco

Kerry Richardson

Critical Mass Bike Rides, The People's Solution

Bay Area Bicycle News

This site is an excellent San Francisco bicycle news resource. It has a lot of important news that is not carried in the mainstream press. Included are revealing stories about what really happens at San Francisco Critical Mass rides and information about the Bay Bridge bike lane movement. This site has a lot of real news about the misuse of police force at the July 1997 Critical Mass that was not in the San Francisco Chronicle or Examiner.

Santa Cruz Critical Mass

This includes a story about an impatient motorist "mauling" a bicycle. Fortunately, no one was hurt. It seems some people in cars get somewhat detached from their human compassion and become more destructive.

San Francisco goes for a holiday ride!

The critical mass bicycle movement is growing. San Francisco's monthly ride brought over a thousand cyclists on November 24, 1995, riding by thousands of amazed shoppers in Union Square and by the dead site of the San Francisco Auto Show at Moscone Convention Center.

New Silicon Valley Ride

A new Critical Mass ride has sprouted up in Silicon Valley. The first ride will be on Friday, December 1, 1995. Riders meet at the part between Cupertino City Hall and the Cupertino Public Library at 6pm sharp. The ride will be the first Friday of the month. The Cupertino City Hall is located at the intersection of Rodrigues Avenue and Torre Avenue, approximately one block south and one block east of the intersection of Stevens Creek Boulevard and De Anza Boulevard. Rides last approximately 2 hours. For more information, contact Thom Mayer at

East Bay Critical Mass Bike Ride

On the second Friday of each month, bicyclists of all ages happen to converge at the Berkeley, California BART station around 5:30pm and flow into the streets. Come and join your East Bay neighbors for a wonderful time. The ride is a gentle one, in merry spirits. San Francisco also has a Critical Mass ride. Did you ever notice how cars stink? Well, here's your chance to show those poor folks trapped in their two-ton rolling prisons that there's a better way to smell the roses; check it out!

Annual Auto Show Keeps Myths Alive!!

Remember myth #1? "Bikes block traffic."
Critical Mass knows bicycles ARE traffic; now let's dispel some of the other myths perpetrated by the auto industry.

How about myth #2? "Cars make you sexy and popular"

Oh yeah, myth #3 "200 horsepower engines are a MUST."
You'll only use a fraction of that power, since traffic has mushroomed 67% in the last 10 years!!

Environmentalists choose myth #4 "Technology will solve the energy supply issues."
(Yeah, let's hear it for electric cars!)

Macho buyers like myth #5 "Four wheel drives trucks make you a cowboy."
Off road driving is largely illegal in California--Sucker!

More information:

Check out the Bay Area newsgroup on bicycling: news:ba.bicycles

Free Radio Berkeley (104.1 FM) broadcasts community programming with local and non-local news not available on larger corporate stations. Every Friday night from 9pm-12am, a bicycle show is on the air. Free Radio Berkeley can be contacted at 1442 A Walnut St. #406, Berkeley, CA 94709, (510) 464-3041.

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