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Biotech Forum Report

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Kerry Richardson

California Suffers Another Bogus Republican Campaign


  • Actors Cannot Lead Government
  • Unacceptable Nazi Connections
  • Money Buys Power in Corrupt Democracy
  • Criminal Sexual Invasiveness
  • Bogus Economic Blame
  • Government Puppets of the Corrupt Auto and Oil Industries
  • We Must Not Trust Voting with Untraceable Technology
  • Criminal Regimes Sell Gasoline to Support Their Invasions
  • Where's the Credibility?

With hidden special interests in the earth-destroying auto, oil and energy industries, empty-headed sensationalist movie-style campaigns easily misled voters. The corrupt corporate/media system succeeded in placing a completely inexperienced puppet of corporate and wealthy interests in the California governorship. Only the major metropolitan areas voted against the recall, probably due to the greater access to the full truth and implications of the dirty corporate and Republican-funded recall. Forcing the recall in the shortest amount of time was for the benefit of recall salesmen. Unfortunately, government has become a product to be sold rather than elected with a fully informed public.

Schwarzenegger's Unacceptable Nazi Connections

Schwarzenegger is unfit to be a leader in democratic America, given his life-time associations and endearments to Nazi mass murderers such as Hitler and Kurt Waldheim. What kind of role model has been put before our children, our families, our communities? How can these comments be swept under a rug, when they are one of the greatest insults to our country's democratic institutions? Nazi sympathizers must be exposed and relegated to the sidelines, not the frontlines of our democratic American government.

See: Arnold's Nazi Problem: Why won't he repudiate Kurt Waldheim? (Slate: MSN)

Actor Schwarzenegger Cannot Lead Government

The actor Schwarzenegger used insulting, brute-force, and zero-policy posturing in few public debates with his far more qualified competitors. He had plenty of inexperience and corrupt agendas to hide by not showing up for public debate. A puppet governor with no prior experience in public policy and legislation has been installed by a corrupt Republican cabal of wealthy businessmen, using mass-media brainwashing and lies propagated by his campaign staff to carry him through. How can you trust a mass media that shows movie footage of an actor as he ran for governor? Government needs real leadership solutions and deep experience, not Hollywood fantasy and special effects. Schwarzenegger has NO experience with education, public policy, environmental issues, corporation regulation, public finance, tax policies, and myriad other critical day-to-day and long-term issues in California. The flood of 'counterfeit' DVD's of Schwarzenegger fantasy movies around the world are no doubt part of the same right-wing propaganda scheme to brainwash the unsuspecting towards an evermore uncritical society. Schwarzenegger's inflated ego is compensation for his inability to lead California in the complex social, environmental and economic issues that lie ahead.

Schwarzenegger's Money Buys Power in Corrupt Democracy

The fact that Schwarzenegger spent $22 million of his own money is an indication of his reliance on payoffs rather than any kind of leadership skills. The fact that money blatantly controls politics is an indication of the corruption of the system, sorely in need of radical campaign finance reform. Reliance on money-power rather than knowledge-power will not save us when we discover that we can't eat money. We reap what we sow. Food issues are ever more critical with the coming water shortages, fuel shortages, and urban planning that has been controlled by criminal auto and oil industries for many decades. Voters must reform campaign finance and remove money as a determining factor in elections and government.

Schwarzenegger's Criminal Sexual Invasiveness

Where are the news stories now about Schwarzenegger's history of invasive sexual battery? Buried by the corrupt mass-media, trying to save face because they know they participated in this corrupt election. Before the election, the media builds up the allegations, and after, building a false face of state-wide unity behind the puppet. At least fifteen women came forward with witnessed stories of invasive sexual harassment, ten of them by name, and showed that Schwarzenegger has a serious problem recognizing women's rights. How many more hidden stories of sexist objectification and invasion are there? Expose these sexual criminals and keep them out of power.

Schwarzenegger's Bogus Economic Blame

Schwarzenegger is a puppet of a hidden wealthy minority. Using loopholes in campaign finance, he borrowed money from his own bank before the election to be paid back later by wealthy donors, escaping campaign funding limitations. California, like most other states, is already suffering from Bush's criminal takeover of the White House and the subsequent destruction of the US economy through selfish, bogus military/corporate invasions and outright destruction of social, health and environmental protections, both home and abroad. Schwarzenegger falsely scapegoated Davis simply to win the recall, betting that the voters were mislead by corrupt mass media. Schwarzenegger and his hidden puppeteers will further ruin most Californians according to the dictates of the wealthy. Why was Schwarzenegger in a private meeting with Enron's corrupt Ken Lay months prior to the election? Who else has he plotted with behind closed doors? Puppets of corrupt businessmen will not make good governors.

Government Puppets of the Corrupt Auto and Oil Industries

Schwarzenegger's polluting fuel-guzzling Hummer SUV is a clear indication of his disregard for air quality and fuel conservation. This is a gross status symbol of the rich, not someone who will serve the public and protect our air and water quality. We need a role models for fuel conservation, not another cartoon character for the earth-destroying auto and oil industries. Compare the utterly false realities of automobile advertising with the reality of respiratory disease, noise pollution, grueling commuting, grid-lock, endless rivers of dead earth under asphalt, financial enslavement. Quality of life decreases with auto-dependence. The last one-hundred years reflect the unchecked result of the biggest environmental crime our planet has ever seen, a dive into a transportation-based economy, utterly lacking in critical sustainability. As world-wide oil production peaks and falls off, we will continue to suffer from the profiteering and disregard of the environment by the auto and oil industries.

See: Natural Capitalism: Reinventing the Wheels (Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins and L. Hunter Lovins

We Must Not Trust Voting with Untraceable Technology

With the new electronic voting machines come a number of insidious problems: no paper trail, proven and potential hacker access and bugs, a closed propriety software system unaccountable by outside evaluation, and ownership by a clearly biased private right-wing-owned company, Diebold. Do the voting patterns reflect the typical voting patterns by region throughout California, or are the anamolies? Where is the paper trail? Software for voting machines must be 'open source' software that the public can scrutinize for security holes and faulty operation.

See: Study raises concerns about electronic voting machines (San Jose Mercury News)

Criminal Regimes Sell Gasoline to Support Their Invasions

The oil and auto industries have proven to be fully corrupt in their ability to provide a healthy planet. Military invasions to loot foreign countries of their resources and destroy their civilian infrastructure have become devastatingly common. The dark cloud of mass extinction of forests and wildlife due to climate destabilization will have deep implications for future generations. It's time we stop supporting these industries and convert our lifestyles to sustainable local economies and food security, and healthily reduce dependence on transportation. End the poison asphalt suffocation. End the gasoline addiction.

Where's the Credibility?

What credibility in government and mass media can you expect after a bogus recall and sensationalist election funded by a rich corrupt minority and criminal earth-destroying oil and auto corporations? Sadly, misled readers of the New York Times will not find continuing critical news about this bogus recall because the Times is a puppet of the right wing special interests bent on propagandizing the public into ever more consumerism.

Action sites: ... ... ... American Civil Liberties Union ( ...

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